Hollywoodland: Not To Be Confused With A Urinal

May 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

I almost always get nice comments from my readers; however, last month’s pieces on the problems brought by Beachwood Canyon’s unrestrained tourism brought this message, printed in its entirety.

Just admit you hate everyone that goes beyond the village that doesn’t live there. You really have no sympathy from anyone south of you. In fact we’re thinking about investing in sandbags to protect us from the river you cry.

Ordinarily I’d ignore someone called Boohoohoo who thinks I’m looking for sympathy, but as it happens I just discovered the perfect response in my recycling bin:

Bottle of Urine Left in My Recycling Bin/Hope Anderson Productions

Bottle of Urine Left in My Recycling Bin/Hope Anderson Productions

This is what happens in a residential neighborhood that has a thousand visitors a day and no public toilets. Neighbors of mine who live at the north end of Beachwood Drive have reported bottles of urine strewn on their properties for some time now, along with lit cigarettes, beer cans, liquor bottles and condoms. This was my first experience with a urine bottle, and though I can’t prove it was left by a tourist, whoever dumped it felt free to enter an enclosure on private property between 10am last Friday and 5pm on Saturday. The bottle’s contents were not recyclable, so guess who had to dispose of them? (FYI to him and other like-minded men: I’m putting a lock on my trash enclosure.)

As for Boohoohoo, he/she should contact me about assisting in neighborhood cleanup efforts. There’s plenty to do.

A Great Way to See the Hollywood Sign: New Shuttle Vans Start Saturday, May 3rd, from the Greek Theater

April 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Photo by Hope Anderson Productions

Photo by Hope Anderson Productions

In a promising development for tourists and Angelenos alike, the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department will begin running weekend vans to the Hollywood Sign from the Greek Theater this Saturday. The tour, which will take a scenic route through Griffith Park, costs $7 and includes admission to the Observatory. This is a trial that will last through July.

For further information:

Click to access rappress31487129_04162014.pdf

To purchase tickets online:


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