The Hollywood Sign: Suddenly a Work in Progress

February 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Hollywood Sign, February 12, 2010/Hope Anderson Productions

The effort to cover the Hollywood Sign with letters reading “Save the Peak” has taken two full days and isn’t done yet. By the end of yesterday, it read “SALLYWOOD”–as a friend said, who wouldn’t want to live in Sallywood?–while tonight it reads “SAVE the PEOK.”

Photo Courtesy Los Angeles Public Library, Security Pacific Collection

Ironically, the illegal alterings of the Sign in decades past were all accomplished overnight.

The example above was fairly simple to execute, but the CAL TECH re-rendering of the Sign in 1987–which apparently involved large-scale sewing and grommets–was not. (Then again, the pranksters went to Cal Tech.)



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