Hollyridge Trailhead To Be Closed for 180 Days

January 10, 2014 § 7 Comments

The Sign from the Hollyridge Trail/Hope Anderson Productions

The Sign from the Hollyridge Trail/Hope Anderson Productions

After much petitioning from neighborhood groups, the trailhead at the dead end of Beachwood Drive will be closed temporarily, according to the office of Councilman Tom LaBonge.

Because of the challenges surrounding access to the Hollyridge Trail, Sunset Ranch, the Mt. Lee communications center and the Hollywood Sign, I feel it is important to close the trailhead for a 180 day period. Ultimately, a determination will require the guidance and cooperation of many other City departments. The neighborhood is being overwhelmed by the influx of vehicle [sic], substandard streets, no sidewalks, and we want to insure that in the event of an emergency, that [sic] there can be access.”

Update, April 13, 2017: The Beachwood Drive gate is now closed to pedestrian access

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§ 7 Responses to Hollyridge Trailhead To Be Closed for 180 Days

  • martin says:

    this is NOT good for Deronda…

  • kelly says:

    This is pretty annoying for people who live on Beachwood and enjoy being able to hike from our street.

  • Arline says:

    There is a wonderful trail directly across from the Griffith Park Observatory and there is plenty of parking. Also, rest rooms, a restaurant, view of the Hollywood Sign not to mention The Observatory itself.

  • Joe says:

    This is going to be a complete mess. It’ll be fun to watch everyone drive up, try to turn around, then drive somewhere else in the neighborhood to park.

  • martin says:

    the only thing that will work is strict quota enforcement.
    our national parks are doing it so why not here?

  • Llamalover22 says:

    As of Jan. 15, the trail is not closed. The correct channels have to be used first as Mr. LaBonge said above. Temporary no parking signs could be put up during holiday periods and summer weekends. Permits such as those issued for hiking Mt. Whitney and Half Dome could be issued with limits per day. There are reasonable solutions. Many of us hike these trails. How many of those who want the trail closed (which would cause spillover crowds on Deronda, Canyon Drive, etc.) actually hike on them??? Let’s have thoughtful solutions instead of radical ones that won’t even solve the problems.

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