Peter the Hermit in Studio City, 1950s

April 23, 2013 § 5 Comments

Peter the Hermit with Thareen and Mimi/Courtesy Stewart Edward Allen

Peter the Hermit with Thareen and Mimi/Courtesy Stewart Edward Allen

From Stewart Edward Allen comes this photo of his two grandmothers with their friend Peter the Hermit. It’s the first color photo I’ve seen of Peter, and comes with this description:

I had two very eccentric grandmothers by the names of Thareen Auroraa and Mimi Reed.
They were terrific women who worked in Burlesque and “Showbiz” for many years.
They lived on Reklaw Drive from 1946 until their deaths in 2005.
They knew Peter the Hermit.
They loved him. They told stories of how we would come and visit them and sit in their home and say “This place has good vibrations.”
They said he would hang out. They would have something to eat with him. Knowing my grandmothers I am sure they had
a little drink or two too.

Peter certainly got around. Readers of this blog will know that he was widely photographed throughout his life in Los Angeles, and that his image turns up in all kinds of unexpected places. Coincidentally, just today I was shown another photo of Peter–an unusual cyanotype portrait done in the 20s by a well-known Hollywood photographer. I hope I’ll be permitted to show it in the future.

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§ 5 Responses to Peter the Hermit in Studio City, 1950s

  • Dan says:

    Starting in 1942 I attended Carpenter Ave grammar school. While walking home along the path south of Ventura Blvd. I fell through a roof and into Peters room. He was surprised, I was scared, and for years we were friends. After my four years in the AF I ran into him in Hollywood, and he introduced me to his friend Eden Ahbez the composer of Nature Boy. My Oh my what comes to mind after 70+ years.

    • Nancy Graner says:

      Hi, I also went to Carpenter Avenue School, 1945-1950, and will always remember Peter the Hermit walking past our school every day, dragging his donkey on a burlap rope. We didn’t really know for sure where he came from but there was talk about a hut hidden in the foothills overlooking Ventura Blvd. He seemed friendly and would always wave to our waves but would never stop. He would keep walking past the school only to return a few minutes later on the opposite side of the street. He made my days.

  • My birthname was Karin Muske Born 21.9.1940 says:

    My uncle,August Muske,send us Care parcel with Flosse from Mimi and Thareen, Even fron the childten Erleen and garry. After the war, because wie live in Germany. Can you Tell ne more about their Family?

  • Bruce Cannon says:

    My grandparents also lived on Reklaw Drive and also were friends with Peter the Hermit. In fact, they were also friends with your grandmothers who lived across the street from them. My grandparents (Sophie and Morrie Cannon lived at 3830 Reklaw Drive. Small world!

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