Wolf’s Lair Makes the New York Times Home Section At Last

April 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

There was a beautiful spread on Moby’s $2 million renovation of Wolf’s Lair in the New York Times yesterday. The castle is not only restored structurally but redecorated in an understated and tasteful way.  I wouldn’t have expected anything less.


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§ 4 Responses to Wolf’s Lair Makes the New York Times Home Section At Last

  • Terrie Doyle Floyd says:

    I was excited to see this article about my old neighbor Bud (Milton) Wolf and his castle and even happier to see some of the weird misinformation from other articles were not in yours. I grew up at the top of the hill on 2816 Durand dr from 1946 to 1968 and my family stayed until 1973. My play mate was Sharon the daughter of the housekeeper and caretaker and the gibbon appeared sometime in the late 50’s. I was attacked by (Missy) the Gibbon in 1958 when it wandered over to our house alone and came inside. The turrets were never built for the Gibbon as so many sites have said. Also the Guest house edition was also added in the late 50’s and Bud moved into it and rented the castle at that time to the Efram Zimbelist family. I remember going with my dad to see the new addition and hanging out while my dad and Bud had a highball. The Guest house has the first spiral staircase we had ever seen.
    As a child I spent some very interesting times at the castle with my younger playmate Sharon. The Tiki bar which was in the bottom of the front turret was at that time the territory of Sharon’s parents and we played in there often.
    Bud Wolf had a daughter named Jackie that I never met I saw her bedroom and it was filled with many equestrian trophy’s .There was a special room in the house that held an incredible miniature railroad set up and I was told it was a secret room but don’t remember how we got into it. I did met Diana , Mr Wolfs girlfriend she was very sweet and as I remember very beautiful. My family said that before we moved there they heard the Wolf family had a tragedy and lost a young son , However I dont really know the circumstances, But what I do know is that Durand dr in the Hollywood Hills was a very magical place to grow up in. The Lake was like the most wonderful place to walk and bike around and having so much nature in the middle of a big city was an wonderful way to grow up.I realize you wrote this several years ago and I am just so glad i accidentally stumbled across it.

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