A New Home in the Hills: Augustus Knudsen in Beachwood Canyon, 1916

February 18, 2011 § 5 Comments

The Knudsen House on Vista del Mar Avenue, Hollywood

Augustus Knudsen outside his house, 1916/All photos courtesy Kauai Museum, Augustus Knudsen Archive

In 1916, the Krotona Colony was in its fifth year–and an established institution by the standards of Hollywood, then in its infancy. Augustus Knudsen’s position as a leading member of the Theosophical Society was underscored by the impressive house he commissioned in 1914 from the San Francisco firm of Mead and Requa. Interestingly, Anne Sinclair Knudsen, Augustus’s widowed mother, was the client of record, a clear indication that she funded the construction of her son’s new home. Located at 2117-2121 Vista del Mar Avenue, the house is now an apartment building, and very different in appearance.

Knudsen by the Arcade at the South End of the House

The photo below was taken not at the house but the Lotus Pond, a Krotona landmark that was located just west of Temple Hill Drive.

Augustus Knudsen at the Lotus Pond, 1916

Additional Source:

“A Survey of Surviving Buildings of the Krotona Colony in Hollywood,” by Alfred Willis. Architronic, 1998.
For more about the Krotona Colony, purchase the documentary “Under the Hollywood Sign” at http://hopeandersonproductions.com/?page_id=3361
The film is also available for rent at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/uths

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§ 5 Responses to A New Home in the Hills: Augustus Knudsen in Beachwood Canyon, 1916

  • g says:

    Wow, great photos!

    I’ve been researching Marie Russak, and if you are interested would love to share some info.

  • Helen says:

    Are you sure that isn’t the lotus pond at the center of 2130 Vista del Mar? I lived in that building for years, we had the top floor large apartment.

    • As there was no notation on the photo, I can’t be sure. But the dense foliage behind him doesn’t suggest a courtyard, and there was a lotus pond in the Krotona Colony’s gardens.

    • usedtolaive there says:

      definitely 2130 vista del mar. lived there in 1975-76 in the smallest apartment of my life but didn’t care, the pond was right outside my door!

  • blaine richards says:

    Yup the lotus pond is in the courtyard right by my front door. I live there now.

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