Under the Hollywood Sign Takes a Vacation (Sort of)

January 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

My trip to Kaua’i has included research at the Kaua’i Museum, whose curator, Chris Faye, kindly allowed me to see the Augustus Knudsen Archive.

Readers of this blog will remember him as one of the financial backers of the Krotona Colony in 1911. A dedicated Theosophist, Knudsen abandoned his family in Kauai to begin a new life in Beachwood Canyon. The Archive,  which includes photos from that era, is distinguished by an oral history by his daughter, Ruth Knudsen Hanner.

More on the Archive, and the Knudsens’ legacy on Kaua’i, in future posts.

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§ 2 Responses to Under the Hollywood Sign Takes a Vacation (Sort of)

  • Colette says:

    I’m intrigued by the Knudsen house. When I look on google maps, the house that comes up looks nothing like the house that is described on your blog. Do the archives in Hawaii have any other pictures of the Knudsen residence? Maybe Google maps is taking me to the wrong place. The place I see isn’t even three story. I’m interested because I can’t help but to think the description sounds like… my house, which I just realized is in Krotona.

    • As far as I know there’s nothing in Hawaii for the Krotona House. I thought initially that it had been demolished, but it exists in radically different form as an apartment building. The best way to see it is on foot–it’s on the right side of Visa del Mar, south of the Krotona apartments.

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