Cahuenga Peak Fundraising Deadline Extended To April 30th

April 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

Photo by Hope Anderson Productions

Today’s press conference at the Hollywood Sign announced the fundraising effort has come up $1 million short; on the bright side, the deadline has been extended by 16 days.

This would be the time for some generous celebrities to get out their checkbooks. Ready? Go!

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§ 2 Responses to Cahuenga Peak Fundraising Deadline Extended To April 30th

  • Steve says:

    Boy are these politicians using the fear tactics to stop the sale. The Hollywood sign area and Cahuenga Peak are 2 different plots. Watch our video we created for the land owner a few years back when this 140 acres first came to market. Asking price was $25MM now the trust is buying for supposedly $12.5MM. Seems like a bargain compared to other land deals in the past.

    I cannot believe some Hollywood type (Hanks, Pitt, Spielberg) or big LA developer (Broad or Caruso) did not buy the land and bequest to the city (it would have bought a lot of favors)
    Thanks for posting latest.

    • Regarding your video, the archival pictures you used of the Sign and Hollywoodland all date from 1923-25, long before Hughes bought the parcel. One picture–which shows Hollywoodland’s developer, S.H.Woodruff at the plow–is particularly misleading, as it was taken at the dedication of the Hollywoodland Sign in 1923. It was also striking to see the use of Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House #22 used as a prototype for potential buyers. Also known as the Stahl House, it was built in 1959-60. I guess where the future is concerned, nothing succeeds like the past! Thanks for writing.

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