SAVE THE PEAK: Not a Hit with Tourists

February 15, 2010 § 2 Comments

The Sign Today/Hope Anderson Productions

The Hollywood Sign now reads SAVE THE PEAK, an alteration that fulfills the Sign’s original function as a billboard. But the transformation has been crushing to the tourists who normally throng Beachwood Canyon to take pictures of the Sign. When the project began, some reportedly asked for refunds from tour bus drivers; now, two days into SAVE THE PEAK, there has been a dearth of open vans taking tourists up to Canyon Lake Drive, loudspeakers blaring.

Thanks to their absence, Hollywoodland has been especially peaceful this Presidents’ Day Weekend. Now if Under the Hollywood Sign could just do something about her noisy neighbors, she’d be in heaven.

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§ 2 Responses to SAVE THE PEAK: Not a Hit with Tourists

  • Charisse Landise says:

    Hi Ho! Hi Hope!
    Please pray tell, what PEAK are they saving?
    This is a big deal, as I’ve learned from your marvelously informative documentary…
    JUST how difficult it is to physically approach those letters!!!
    Another Hollywood epoch time.
    Telepathically Yours, Charisse

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